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Being the human that I am, it is often hard to stray too far away from the use of Social Media. Since it’s advent, it has brought many people together for common causes, and created new friendships, while also supporting old connections.

Below are listed my current social media integrations. Check me out! Maybe we can become friends too 🙂

Many Vids, broad ranging. From video games to parodies to experiments.
Realtively new account, streaming mostly PS2 games.

Discord? You can find me there!

A member since June 2009 with over 160,000 tweets.

Where I make posts to Facebook under my online alias. Make sure to Like.

This page is full, and not used much, but some interesting finds are here.

More or less defunct now, but does hold some of my older work, and photographs of benches.

If you’re bored, I guess you can rummage through this pile for a while.

Beware of imitators, there is only 1 of me. Using these links above, you can get in touch and maybe we can collaborate on some stunning works once in a while?

Thanks for reading, and much love!

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