The Triotre Series

I showed my Trop5cal artwork today to some good friends over on Discord, and a nice person advised me that I should be selling my work. I have never made a penny from any of my digital artwork, so it was nice to hear that my work can be considered good enough to own by others. This gave me the motivation to set up a dedicated space online to sell my work, starting with “The Triotre Series”.

The Triotre Series plans to explain if it’s possible for me to create treasure from trash. Harpening back to the classical way I edit images into 3D geometric spirals, it is adventurous, bold and certainly a statement maker.

The images above are designed for web-viewing. Higher resolution images are avilable and will be used in printing should you decide to purchase some of these pieces.

PLEASE NOTE: The ability to buy these works has currently been removed. They may return for sale later, but for now, those sold are limited editions.

Thanks for viewing. Please Enjoy!

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