Project CYVL

After a short discussion with friends about good ideas to work on next, I decided to take it upon myself to create a group of websites, capable of allowing YouTube content creators to have their own, personal YouTube video links.

And so I began Project CYVL – Custom YouTube Video Links.

The aim was simple, have an easy to use UI which allowed people the ability to create YouTube video links, with custom identifiers, that they can use to easily share, remember, and store as they wish.

Of course, no custom link website would be complete without a good domain to go along with it. At first I discovered – this was nice because it sounded good phonetically, “Youtubey”, but the URL was longer than the standard 3+2 that regular link shorteners use. was the next find. This was nice, and I noted it down to come back later. was the final choice in the running, but then an idea sprung to mind. Why not all 3?And so that was my desicion, to make it possible for people to have the choice of whichever link they would like.

Check out the websites here, and use as freely as you like!


As usual, much love and all the best!

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